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Frequently asked questions

Are all your designs bespoke?

Yes, all our designs are bespoke and are carefully designed based on the information we collect from you in the beginning of the process. This is really important for us to make sure that your kit represents your club, in the most individual way possible. We do also offer an off the shelf range of kits which can also be purchased if you're just after an entry level kit too!

How long is the process of ordering a kit?

We try and keep the kit ordering process simple and as quick and efficient as we can make it. The design process is something that is bespoke to each club and design we do. Sometimes it takes us a few attempts to get a design you are happy with, sometimes we the first design is perfect for what your club wants. Theres nothing wrong with that! Once all the design process is complete, we will work with you to get a complete order form together with all the sizing and details you need including numbers, initials, names or anything else you need on the kit. We will also get all of the sponsor logos together along with any other imagery we will need for the shirt prints.  Once all your designs are confirmed and the order forms done we will generate an invoice and from there, as soon as its paid you can sit back and get excited about your kit arriving very soon! Kits usually take around 6 weeks to arrive but they can arrive quicker depending on the time of the year and demand. We will be able to give you an estimate of timings when ordering, but please bare in mind this is only a guide. 

Why would my club pick you over other brands?

Some people would see this as a difficult question to answer, some would just give the simple answer 'we're the best'. For us it's personal and that's why we think makes us stand out. From the moment you make contact with us we want you to feel part of us and also show you we care about your club and getting the best designs and product we can provide for you. We also know from our own personal experiences of running clubs and teams how hard it often is to find sponsors that are willing to part with large sums of money for new kits each season, which is why we pride ourselves on providing the best quality products we can at the best value for a club. As a company a big part of what we do and believe in is supporting the grassroots community and those that are striving to make there clubs the best they can be. We also have our roots within charity football which is a massive driver for us. In short, we love what we do, we love helping clubs get the best, and we love seeing the end results!

Do you do sample kits?

Unfortunately not. At the moment, with the demand we receive this wouldn't just be feasible. We have a sample bag which we can bring to a meeting with a club if you wanted to see some examples of kits or technical apparel. We are more than happy to come and meet your club and you to bring some kit and talk through things, we all know it's often easier than email or telephone!

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